Monday, May 24, 2010

One Master Hunter Leg down...Nine to Go

Well, another weekend of dog field events has passed. Grady and Dixy were both entered in the master hunt tests. I was anxious to see how they both would do. It was Grady's third and fourth try and Dixy's first and second try. Grady did a great job on Saturday. He got through cleanly. He found three birds and stood through all. I was thrilled. His first master leg earned. Dixy had an awesome run on Saturday but broke on her honor. She stopped beautifully, the problem was that she broke when the other dog's bird was shot. Damn, she never breaks. But it wouldn't have mattered, she didn't retrieve to hand. After the runs, I took Dixy out and she retrieved every tossed bird to me. Go figure.
Sunday was another day and another attempt with both. The weather was not ideal. It was really windy and the birds were everywhere. Dixy was the second brace in. Again, nice run. She found a back course bird and stood rock solid. Great! We get into the bird field and she goes on point. She is steady, steady, steady. Gunners come up, the bird is flushed, bird is shot. What, is that Dixy. Damn, again with the leaving. So uncharacteristic, maybe it's time to take a break with her. Okay, well we still have Grady. Maybe we can get a second pass on him. Not this day. He too broke. All I can do is shake my head. The training grounds are closed in June. We will take a break and enjoy some hiking and walks at the beach.


Rod Michaelson said...

Love to take a walk with you and talk Vizslas, field trials and hunt tests. Still a rookie to all this and I'm in research mode.

10 legs to get a Master Hunter!

Bailey and Chloe say hi.


Pam Lambros said...

Ten legs combined for both Dixy and Grady. 5 each (with an SH). Happy to talk to you about the field stuff. I really love it because the dogs love it so much.

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