Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Sure Sign it is Spring Time

Aside from the massive amounts of wildflowers because of the rain, another sure sign is the fact that the coyotes are very active. I took the dogs for a walk early this morning and about 25 minutes into the walk, there one was behind us. Normally I don't really worry about them because they usually warn you they are around by yipping. Not so today. This coyote was in stealth mode and it was until Sara was alerted that I turned and saw the coyote about 25 feet behind us. It was pretty bold. The dogs chased it off but the darn thing came right back. Finally after the second time the dogs chased it off it remain gone. We walked about another 1/2 mile and I noticed the way the dogs were walking with me (they encircled me) that something was odd. I turned around and there was another coyote trailing about 25 feet behind us. Again, very stealthily. I was a little shaken but thought it was interesting the way the pups protected me. I just find it a little odd that the coyotes are being so bold when the water and food is plentiful after this rainy season. Time to go back on the look out.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Trials and Tribulations of a Hunt Test With Grady

Prep work-We practice, we praise, and we practice some more. We think he is ready. He does what he is suppose to in practice. We work diligently to prepare him for the next level. Everything works as planned. Okay then, let's enter that Master Level test and see where we are.

The Day of the Test-We are up early. Feeding the dog. Taking then out for their bathroom break. Do I have the blank gun loaded? Water for the dogs in vest? My nerves are on edge. What will he do today? Can't eat...oh well, after.

At the Line-The moment of truth is about to come. Did the training really sink in? Will he mess up the other dog? Will soon find out.

They Are Off-The brace has begun. The dogs are on there own now. Training, corrections, opportunities are gone. It's up to them. Just don't let me screw things up.

Fifteen Minutes In-So far, looking good. Found a back course bird. Grady handled it great. No problems. Maybe this will be our day.

Into the Bird Field-Bracemate goes on point. Grady gets his honor. Things are looking good. Again I think, maybe this will be our day. My fingers are crossed. All I need is for Grady to stand through the shot and not go until I tell him. Can he do it. Okay, he is on point. We shall soon see. He's holding. I work the bird....bird flies away...gunners shoot...Grady stays through the shot....wait no, there he goes. He left on the downward trajectory of the bird...AARGH!! At least he retrieved the bird to my hand. We need to find another bird so our bracemate can get an honor. Well, he found another bird. Will he hold this time...quick answer no. Again, I can only say at least he retrieved to hand.

Postscript-You think you have trained the behavior you want in your dog but they are beings too. Apparently they have minds of there own too. Oh well, back to the training drawing board.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Great Weekend

What a great weekend. I went out on Thursday and just got back today. I was able to get multiple days of training in AND enjoy our annual VCNC Fun Field day. What a great turnout we had. People seemed to have a blast. I also entered Grady in his first Master level hunt test. No pass but mostly because of my ineptitude in the handling arena. No worries though, he is young and enjoys the work.
The above picture is my friend Mary's dog "Retro". He had just come out of the field and was cooling himself off in the tub.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Our annual Vizsla Club of Northern California Fun Field Day is going to be held on Saturday. Looking forward to it. Trying to prepare for the upcoming Field Trials and Hunt Tests. I really enjoy the Fun Field day. It's a laid back way to practice with the dogs and hang out with others who like to do the same thing. The dogs think it is doggy Disneyland. I don't tell them any different.


Funny thing about writing, it takes practice. When I first started thing blog, I felt like words flew off my fingers. It was nothing for me to have at least one entry a day. Then, for some reason, I stopped. Don't know why but getting back into it has been more difficult than I thought. Seems like I got caught up in the whole facebook thing. It's a lot easier to type a few words into the status bar and move on. But what I realized is, facebook is like fast food, convenient, easy, and filling but has not substance. At least writing on a blog feels more like I have to think about what I am doing or saying. Regardless if any one is reading, it feels better and more useful to me. In some ways therapeutic.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

San Francisco Photo Shoot

Today was a great day. A group of us went into the city and shot pictures of the graffetti art, mostly in the Mission District. It is truly amazing how much graffetti art (stressing art) there is. Apparently most of this is very well know. We were also fortunate enough to be at a place where there was a Ceasar Chavez parade. The above is a photo show of some of the pictures taken.