Sunday, November 30, 2008

Another Great Day at the Beach

Another great day at the beach. Here it is November 29th and it is clear, sunny and 65 degrees. Beautiful day! Above is a picture of Dixy intently watching the geese fly by.
Sara surveying the beach.

A random guy with his dogs, wakeboarding.

I have enjoyed my vacation immensely. Unfortunately it is over and I am back to work tomorrow. Oh well, more time off at Christmas time.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Diamond Hike-The Day After Turkey Day

Nothing like hiking (I mean really hiking) a couple days in a row. Today Susan, Eddie, and I took the dogs for a hike in Black Diamond. It was great hiking weather again. There was a lot of fog for most of the hike but it wasn't too cold. I know I have put pictures of this park out before but these pictures were taken on a different hike than the previous areas. Our hike was about 6.25 miles of up and down landscape. It was the first time Eddie and Susan had been on these trails and they were quite impressed. I am fortunate to live 10 minutes away so am here often. It is nice to take new people here to see their excitement at the views. It helps me to not take my good fortune for granted.

As with yesterday's hike, I am pleasantly tired and will sleep well again tonight. The doggies are also tired and are resting in their doggy sleeping bags. I could do this everyday and not get tired of it.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day-2008

Well, another Thanksgiving has been spent enjoying a hike and meal with friends. I can't think of a nicer way to spend it. Today Christine, John, Suzy, Stephan and I took the dogs to Morgan Territory Regional Park for a nice hike. We all arrived at about 9:30 to complete an approximately 6 mile hike. As you will be able to tell from the little photo show, there was quite a bit of clouds at the start of the hike. This is wonderful because it helps to keep all the hikers and dogs cool. It certainly did that for the dogs. They ran non-stop. We are really lucky to have places like this to hike with the dogs. They are much happier creatures with the right amount of exercise. Although the hike was long, the company was wonderful. Conversation flowed about numerous subjects. I had a great time. We had planned on having our Thanksgiving meal at the park after the hike. Once we got to the vehicles, we pulled out the food-cornish hens, potato salad, green salad, and a wonderful carrot/leek soup. There is nothing more satisfying after a long hike than a hearty meal. Boy, did we have that...hmmm. Christine was gracious enough to make a wonderful vegan pumpkin dessert. Very tasty!!

So now that the hike and meal is over, the blog entry is complete, I can go and take a little nap. What a satisfying day.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Flashes of Childhood-Gumby

I was at the store picking up dog food and what do I see...a Gumby figure. I couldn't really imagine this as a dog toy. Actually I thought it was a pretty silly idea for a dog toy. But I loved Gumby. Not the show but the figures. I had them as I was growing up. Gumby and funny. So I bought him. When I was bike-riding competitively, many of the cyclist had Gumby figures as riding companions. I don't know that today's kids would like them but they brought me back to a simpler time. Now I just need to figure out where to put him.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

More Random Thoughts

Well, it certainly has been awhile since the last post. Seems I've been busy but not with anything particularly interesting or funny. But...leave it to our American ingenuity to provide me with a topic to talk about. For those of you who have seen Wall-E the movie, you may know where I am coming from. A big premise of the movie was that the human race had gotten so into technology that over time, we became blobs floating along on electronic lounge chairs. Well, we may be moving closer and closer to that reality. Listening to radio news station, I heard a story that Domino's is working with TIVO to enable folks to place orders through the TIVO box. We won't even have to get up to get the phone. All I can say is...GET UP AND MOVE. If we don't use those muscles we will lose them. Seriously, isn't this a little bit scary?
This next item is more of an annoyance. I was watching a commercial where a young man was proposing to his girlfriend. Of course, they showed him on bent knee with the open ring box. As I was watching, I couldn't help but look at his hands. His fingernails were dirty. How did the ad agency not notice that. I realize that in real life that may happen BUT companies spend a lot of money on ads. Shouldn't the agency have caught that?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Random Observations

Not too much to say today with the exception of a few random observations and thoughts. So without further adieu, here goes:
-Listening to the radio today I heard an ad for a company selling giant teddy bears, stuffed rabbits, you named it. You can even have a personalized t-shirt made. The final question the ad asks, "wouldn't you love a teddy bear taller than an NBA basketball player?". I would not.
-Also heard on the radio that the polar bears are so hungry they are eating each other. Thankfully though, Sarah Palin informed us there really is not any man made problems with the environment. I guess they have always eaten themselves.
-Looking out at the park outside my office window, I noticed a woman practicing her line dancing steps. The question my friend Staci asked..."is it really line dancing when it's a line of one.". Excellent question Staci.
-While taking a lunch time walk, I notice a commotion. There were five or six men holding down another man while they waited for the police. The held down man was screaming bloody murder. Apparently, he had just robbed some tourists. It was quite reminiscent of the show "Cops". Just goes to show, big cities don't just have high profile crimes.
-Can someone please tell how "Forbes" magazine can publish an article the "Hollywood's Most Influential Infants"? How in the world are these infants influential? And if they are...Shame on us!
Okay, before I get on to things that really peeve me, I will end this post. Whoo...feel a Little better now.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Grady and Colvin

Grady seems to have really become attached to Colvin. He always wants to be near her. The really sweet thing is that Colvin is perfectly fine with him in her space. Normally, this is Colvin's chair. Grady jumped up into it with her and it didn't seem to bother her a bit. She is a wonderful old girl.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sasa-The Tree Climbing Vizsla Part 2

Continuing to show her tree climbing prowess, Sara shows us how easy it is. Then she proceeds to walk down the narrowest part of the tree. This picture was taken right before she slipped off. As you can see, her brothers are very interested and amazed at what she is doing.

Hard to Believe It Is November 15th

Well we were off to the beach again today. Not that unusual I know but it was 80 degrees at the beach today. That's unheard of for this time of the year. Of course it was beautiful but I can't help but think there truly are some greenhouse gas issues going on. Oh well, I enjoy the day and continue to try and reduce my carbon footprint. Anyways, below are a series of pictures showing the dogs stalking and chasing the seabirds. Funny thing is, I think the birds enjoy taunting them. They know there is no way the dogs will catch them.

I do love watching these guys run. I love their energy and athleticism. Wish I could get some. :-)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Red Dawn Mr Fritz-Super Showing at Nationals

Another Sara puppy struts his stuff. Red Dawn Mr Fritz had quite a showing at the Vizsla Nationals in Tucson AZ. There were a total 164 entries and he last to the final cut of twelve or 13 dogs. Pretty amazing for a dog under three years old. He was more than ably handled by Cheryl Krajcar.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Grady-Truly the King of the Pride

I always think Grady is the bottom of the totem pole in the household but I think he is smarter than I give him credit for. In this picture, he is letting Colvin clean him. It reminds me of Lions in a pride. It was sweet.

Monday Morning...And A Vacation Day

I am happy to report that I have decided to take a vacation day today. Tomorrow is a bank holiday so I decided to take the day off and extend the weekend to four days. I can't tell you how nice it was last night to know I was going to work today. I love long weekends. Truth be told, I would love to be retired. There are so many fun things I could fill my days with. Unfortunately, that may not happen as soon as I like with the way the stock market and economy is going. Hey...maybe a can will the lottery. It could happen. :-)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Flat Pam Sighting

After her flight on Prairie Flyer's rocket, we all she was lost somewhere in Colorado but no...

Here she is in the wheel of a 747 in a Florida airport. She must have caught on as it was passing on her rocket flight. Funny, she lost her spacesuit and really flattened out to the point of looking like a sheet of paper.Once the plane landed, she made her way up from the wheel to the engine of the plane. Thank goodness the engine wasn't on. She would be shredded Pam.She made it from the engine to the ramp. Apparently she has designs to get into the plane. Our similarities ended at resemblance because I avoid going in a plane at all costs. Not so Flat Pam. She fancies herself as a pilot. What is she thinking. The altitude from the rocket ride must have effected her. Obviously that is impossible. She has only been on this earth for a couple of months. There is no way she could possibly have the require flight hours to get her pilot license.

Finally, someone convinced her to fly in the passenger area where she belongs and leave the flying to the professionals.

Dixy the Tired Dog

This doesn't happen very often but today it did. After a couple of hours on the beach of non-stop tennis ball fetching, Dixy was exhausted. Of course, like a little kid, she fought it all the way.Dixy-"I am just relaxing."Dixy-"I'm not tired. Really. I am just having trouble keeping this eye open"Dixy-"Oh why fight it?"

To the Beach...Where Else?

For a celebration of our good fortunes this weekend (like I need an excuse) we went to the beach. I was an absolutely perfect day. It was crystal clear but had the bite of autumn air. The tide was even right. I love days at the beach like that. I was one of the days that I felt like I could walk for hours. The really amazing thing is that there was not a lot of people there. Always okay with me. I enjoy the tranquility.

We took a different path than we normally take to get to the beach today. It was pretty secluded. The above picture was taken on that path. I love the sentiment. I wish it was more in the open. Certainly a message that should not be hidden.
As you can see, lots of shore. And of course, what would a day at the beach be if Dixy didn't have a tennis ball.

I love how foamy the water is. The tide would come in and the sea form would skitter across the shore. It was fun to watch.

Red Dawn Duna What a Good Boy Am I Takes His Turn.

Well the Red Dawn Kennel had another great day. Today, Duna got his second major (3 points) in style. He took Best of Breed. Duna was shown by Jean Hargis who he seems to have a nice bond with. Duna was nicknamed Peanut when the litter was here. He has always been a very sweet and thoughtful boy. I am really happy for owners John and Christine who have given him a loving home and every opportunity to excel. WOO HOO!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Red Dawn Grady's All Wound Up JH Wins!!

I am happy to say that Grady won Winner's Dog at the show Woo Hoo! It was a three point major. He just needs two more points to be a finished champion. I was thrilled as you can imagine. Below are a few pictures from the show today.

Stephanie with Grady and Erin with Jasper (Grady's brother)

Stephanie taking Grady around the ring.

Stephanie preparing Grady for the judge to go over him.

Grady standing for the judge and doing it well.

The judge moving Grady up to the head of the class.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trying to Escape

I am sitting in my office, playing free video games and doing whatever I can to avoid the election coverage. I can't stand it anymore and don't want to see a bit of it. If I could, I would sleep until tomorrow, when the results would be known and I could either mourn the state of our nation and our dashed hopes or could celebrate the possibilities of getting things back on track. I know that this is cryptic but that is how I want it to be.
Currently, all the pups are in the office with me. Each are in their sleeping bags and Colvin is snoring. Why can't we be as carefree as them? I love that about dogs. They are eternally optimistic and have such low expectations. We could learn a lot from them.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Flat Pam Has Her Own Adventure Courtesy of Prairie Flyer

After Flat Tony experience his rocket ride in Colorado, courtesy of Dale. His blog is at the following address Since he was orchestrating the thrill ride, I will let him tell the story.

Well Pam, your ride into the sunny Sky's of Northern Colorado didn't go so well.

First problem I encountered was an issue with Capt Danger; he just didn't want to share his rocket or capsule. I even tried to appeal to his vanity and tell him that if Flat Pam the Stunt Woman didn't fly in the stunt monkey rocket she would go up in a larger more power full rocket, and test a altimeter! This appeal didn't work. He took his capsule and left to visit some relatives in Florida, I think he is secretly volunteering to work for the Obama campaign, but I won't hold it against him, he is a good monkey just a bit willful at times.

Anyway I happen to have an extra I 366 Cessoroni motor that would work just fine in my Yin/Yang rocket that I build for Mile High Mayhem. I also had an altimeter to test, so it was off to the prairie to test out the new configuration. I debated whether or not to put Pam inside the vehicle or taped to the outside. I created a suit for her with a helmet, and even a parachute for protection in case the tape didn't work (Flat Tony can attest to this) The reason she didn't ride inside is that there is no capsule, and she would have to ride with the ejection charges (Black powder) so friction from wind won out over exploding flaming death. She is after all made of paper.
Yin Yang is an excellent test bed for altimeters; it's fast, tough, and can easily handle any 38mm motor. So out to the pad we went, I had everything set up and ready to launch, the altimeter was armed, and Pam was securely taped to the side of the rocket. I went back to a safe distance and the launch control officer counted down from five. Whoosh, up she went into the sky, a very impressive launch. It was when the rocket disappeared from sight that it occurred to me that the paper and tape on the outside of the rocket probably won't be able to withstand the aerodynamic forces. I run computer simulations on all my rockets to ensure they are stable and safe to fly. This rocket, with the motor I installed, was simulated to exceed 400mph and achieve approximately a mile in altitude above ground level. Hope Pam packed her own parachute! The search for Yin/Yang while short was quite a walk. It was a long way away but visible due to the brightly colored parachute. When I came upon the rocket the altimeter showed a peak altitude of 5438'AGL which was right on with the simulation. Now the bad news, apparently Flat Pam didn't make it back to the ground with the rocket. The only thing still attached to the rocket was her glove. No, I checked, and there was not a hand inside. So the search was on, here is a photo of the recovery area. The search was eventually abandoned at dusk due to a lack of visibility and a lack of volunteers. Also due to a large and angry population of rattlesnakes that seem to be everywhere, people were just not willing to risk their lives in search of a paper figure with a missing glove. (Go figure)
I am sure flat Pam will be just fine, we will be back next week for an EX launch. I bet it was a wild ride, and I bet her parachute worked just fine, otherwise we would have found her close to the launch pad.
Way to go Pam no guts no glory!
Thanks for a fabulous trip! I am sure Flat Pam (wherever she is) is still grinning ear to ear (unless she's dead) from the thrill of going a mile in the air at 400mph. WOW! That is fast.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Colvin-Still Playful At Over 11

Even at a little over 11 years old, Colvin has a little spunk to her and still wants the tennis ball tossed so she can chase it. Unfortunately for her, there is no way she can out run Dixy so she never has a chance. What I usually end up doing is pretending to toss the ball in one direction which sends Dixy running like a bat out of hell and then lobbing the ball in the opposite direction so that Colvin can trot over and pick it up. I can usually do this about 4 or 5 times before Dixy catches on. Then she waits until she actually sees the ball leave my hands. Until that time though, Colvin is in her little piece of heaven acting like a puppy again. It is very sweet.
Below are a few pictures of Colvin with the tennis ball.

Back to the Tide Chart

So when we got to the beach today, the tide was higher than I had anticipated. Not to worry though, I brought my Muck shoes. I figured my feet wouldn't get wet and all would be good. We walked along for an hour or so and all was going as usual. Dixy was chasing tennis balls, Grady was pestering Dixy, Sara was trying to get Grady to chase her, and Colvin was enjoying her leisurely walk. I was so focused on watching Dixy and Grady run up and down the sides of the cliffs chasing after the tennis ball that I completely lost track of where the tide was. With my back to the water and my eyes on the cliff, I was suddenly overcome with ocean up to 15 inches on my legs. Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway) the muck shoes do little good if the water goes into them. So I proceeded to walk another 45 minutes back to the car with squishy, soaking wet pants socks and shoes. All in 57 degree weather...Good times. :-)

Is it Daylight Savings of Not?

I can never figure out when it is called daylight savings. Can't we just say moving the clock forward or backward? Anyways that is another issue. I had been planning a trip to the beach today (I know...a shocker) and read in the tide chart that low tide was at 7:19am. So I got up at 5:30 so I could feed the dogs, drink some coffee and get to the beach by low tide. Well, I decided to check my email (thankfully) and saw that the computer clock said 4:30. I thought...why is the computer clock is suppose to be automatic. Finally, it dawned on me (would you be quick at that time of the day), the clocks were turned back. How come I didn't know?! I missed my extra hour of sleep...darn it!