Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Trials and Tribulations of a Hunt Test With Grady

Prep work-We practice, we praise, and we practice some more. We think he is ready. He does what he is suppose to in practice. We work diligently to prepare him for the next level. Everything works as planned. Okay then, let's enter that Master Level test and see where we are.

The Day of the Test-We are up early. Feeding the dog. Taking then out for their bathroom break. Do I have the blank gun loaded? Water for the dogs in vest? My nerves are on edge. What will he do today? Can't eat...oh well, after.

At the Line-The moment of truth is about to come. Did the training really sink in? Will he mess up the other dog? Will soon find out.

They Are Off-The brace has begun. The dogs are on there own now. Training, corrections, opportunities are gone. It's up to them. Just don't let me screw things up.

Fifteen Minutes In-So far, looking good. Found a back course bird. Grady handled it great. No problems. Maybe this will be our day.

Into the Bird Field-Bracemate goes on point. Grady gets his honor. Things are looking good. Again I think, maybe this will be our day. My fingers are crossed. All I need is for Grady to stand through the shot and not go until I tell him. Can he do it. Okay, he is on point. We shall soon see. He's holding. I work the bird....bird flies away...gunners shoot...Grady stays through the shot....wait no, there he goes. He left on the downward trajectory of the bird...AARGH!! At least he retrieved the bird to my hand. We need to find another bird so our bracemate can get an honor. Well, he found another bird. Will he hold this time...quick answer no. Again, I can only say at least he retrieved to hand.

Postscript-You think you have trained the behavior you want in your dog but they are beings too. Apparently they have minds of there own too. Oh well, back to the training drawing board.


Rod Michaelson said...

The level of training to get to Master Hunter sounds very tough. Then again you are the person I would count on 100% that will have Grady get his Master Hunter in short order. Since entering the field trial sport I have seen you take your dogs to the highest level.


Pam Lambros said...

Thanks for your encouragement. We will get there. Could be worse. He could have no desire. :-)

Anonymous said...

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