Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Sure Sign it is Spring Time

Aside from the massive amounts of wildflowers because of the rain, another sure sign is the fact that the coyotes are very active. I took the dogs for a walk early this morning and about 25 minutes into the walk, there one was behind us. Normally I don't really worry about them because they usually warn you they are around by yipping. Not so today. This coyote was in stealth mode and it was until Sara was alerted that I turned and saw the coyote about 25 feet behind us. It was pretty bold. The dogs chased it off but the darn thing came right back. Finally after the second time the dogs chased it off it remain gone. We walked about another 1/2 mile and I noticed the way the dogs were walking with me (they encircled me) that something was odd. I turned around and there was another coyote trailing about 25 feet behind us. Again, very stealthily. I was a little shaken but thought it was interesting the way the pups protected me. I just find it a little odd that the coyotes are being so bold when the water and food is plentiful after this rainy season. Time to go back on the look out.

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Miska said...

With the proximity to humans, maybe this wily coyote is just getting more used to & interested in humans & canines. Not that that's a good thing, mind you! I've had them follow me & the dogs here in AZ but never had them that close.