Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fort Funston again

Okay, it is hard to believe how different the weather was today from yesterday. As you can see from the photos, it was a lot grayer yesterday. I knew it was going to be a little cooler but it was 25 degrees cooler. I started to worry a little as we were getting closer. I had on a pair of thin shorts and a short sleeve shirt. brrrrr. Fortunately I found a fleece shirt that I had stowed away in the car. Not much but at least it had long sleeves. It was great weather for the dogs though. They were quite frisky. Another almost three hours at the beach and they are content again.

On a completely different note. Anyone see any of those retrospective shows on VH1. VH1 started a limited series of the 80s called "I Love the 80s". Each show is an hour long and showcases one year in the decade. For some reason I really enjoy the shows. Sometimes the shows will make me nostalgic and other times I can't help but laugh at the ridiculousness of the fads, fashions, music, and movies. They also have a series on the seventies. I enjoy that one for the same reasons. Watch it sometimes. You too may get a good chuckle.


Sylvia (Varazs Vizslas) said...

The photo of the long expanse of beach & the coastal fog reminded me a lot of some of the weather/beaches we saw on the south Island of New Zealand. I'm sure the dogs enjoyed it. The weather is 'weird' in a lot of places throughout North America. Wow, what a change in weather you had from yesterday. Is it summer yet??? Well, officially yes but not here in SW Ontario; more like spring or fall.

Pam Lambros said...

When the tide is high there is no beach. Then we are relegated to the trails in the dunes. The dogs could care less but sure is hard on the humans. Great for the calf muscles though. :-)

Although it cooled down considerably it was still 99 degrees in Antioch. Almost feels like I am back in Tucson.

mariswnt2paris said...

It looks like the dog is leaping across the beach! How fun.
Here in Seattle it is a mere 66 degrees. I sat under a blanket as I watched tv with my hostess!

Love ya!


Pam Lambros said...

It was fun....

So you made it to Seattle and it is off to BC. Have a blast and hi to Lori.