Monday, June 23, 2008

Updates and Thoughts

I feel very fortunate to have some really fabulous people in my life. As I

grow older, I realize how important it is to allow myself to get close to people. I have included a couple of photos of some of the people who mean so much to me. To the far right are my sister Maris and her hubby Charlie. The picture was taken on a hike in Morgan Territory. It is the first hike I have been able to take him on in long, long time. Charlie usually exposes me to a wonderful hike on my somewhat annual Christmas trip.

To the immediate right are my friends Suzy & Stephan. They are originally from Switzerland and our my primary movie buddies. I have known them for 10 years. We met at a dog show when they were looking for a vizsla and found out we have much more in common than our love for our red dogs. I have grow to love these folks very much.

Obviously, there are other meaningful folks in my life who I will showcase periodically. Hopefully none of you feel slighted.

This picture of Sara was taken on June 7th. She won her veteran's class and was handled by my dear friend Walter. She is also a fabulous pet and I am thrilled to have her be part of my life.

Walter is also one of my field training buddies. He and is wife Sue have been a pleasure to get to know. BTW, Sue makes a fabulous tuna salad. Sara is my first show dog and she has done really well.

To the right is a picture of Sara (mom), Grady (son) and Sasa (daughter). Sara and her gets won the Brood Bitch class at our Specialty. I was pretty proud as the competition was fierce. The handlers (from L to R) were Walter, Kevin, and Susan.

There are a lot of fires around the bay area right now. The causes seem to be primarily due to lightening. It is really smokey outside. The fires seem to be so close although I know they are many, many miles away. One thing the fires seem to be doing is keeping the outside temperatures down. I guess it is a side benefit but it doesn't seem so when you consider the damage done to folk's property. We are bound to have a busy fire because of how dry our spring was.

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