Sunday, June 29, 2008

WALL-E The Movie

Suzy, Stephan and I went to see WALL-E yesterday afternoon. First off let me say, I don't know how Pixar has hit after hit. They are amazing! But enough about Pixar and the movie for now. I want to set the stage for our little movie outing. We went to the 4:40 showing. I don't usually go to the movies during daylight but made an exception for this movie. I thought it would be less crowded. Actually, the theater was only 3/4s of the way full so we had a good seat selection. We were quite surprise at the number of kids that were at the showing. I don't know why we would be surprised because it is a "kids" movie. The ages of kids were between 2 years old and teens. I was really amazed at how well behaved the kids were. I didn't hear any screaming, crying or talking. Of course it could be because I was so engrossed in the movie but I don't think so. Speaking of the movie. I thought it was another brilliant use of animation. It is really a movie that entertains both kids and adult. The animation is up to the same high standards of the previous Pixar movies and the plot was excellent. The story takes place in the future (700 years later) and describes what earth and the human race is like at that time. It subtly shows us how our minds & bodies have changed (evolved is not the right word as that implies positive changes). There is also a love story that Suzy and Stephan thought was unnecessary but I liked. It is between WALL-E and EVA (another machine). The interesting thing to me was that they were more human like than the humans. WALL-E maintains the bridge between what humans had been and what they have become. I will buy this for my movie collection once it comes out on DVD.

Today, I headed back to the beach. I met up with Eddie and Susan (see picture to the right). They own Sasa (a Sara puppy from the second litter) and Anise. Kate also joined us. She owns Jasper (another Sara puppy from the second litter. The weather was on the cool side but from my perspective it is perfect for the dogs especially at this time of the year with the heat and rattlesnakes out at my neck of the woods. Dixy was her usual self. She found every abandoned tennis ball and had me throw it almost non-stop for three hours. I felt like I was going to need Tommy John surgery near the end so thankfully Eddie took over for me. Dixy would play this game until my arm fell off and then she would bring the ball to someone else. She is non-stop until she stops. Amazing. Grady (picture below) is like a pesky little brother. Always trying to get Dixy to pay attention to him. Even if that means taking Dixy's tennis ball just because he can. He did that quite often today. Colvin is the other dog pictured below. She is going to be 11 at the end of July. She holds up really well on these walks. She loves them And I think she would be miserable if she was not allowed to come.


mariswnt2paris said...

I don't know Pam. Dixie loves playing ball with you so much, I think that if your arm fell off, she would bring it to you so you could reattach it and throw it some more. You know, give you another chance? ;-)

Pam Lambros said...

Maris-you are cracking me up. :-)