Sunday, November 9, 2008

Flat Pam Sighting

After her flight on Prairie Flyer's rocket, we all she was lost somewhere in Colorado but no...

Here she is in the wheel of a 747 in a Florida airport. She must have caught on as it was passing on her rocket flight. Funny, she lost her spacesuit and really flattened out to the point of looking like a sheet of paper.Once the plane landed, she made her way up from the wheel to the engine of the plane. Thank goodness the engine wasn't on. She would be shredded Pam.She made it from the engine to the ramp. Apparently she has designs to get into the plane. Our similarities ended at resemblance because I avoid going in a plane at all costs. Not so Flat Pam. She fancies herself as a pilot. What is she thinking. The altitude from the rocket ride must have effected her. Obviously that is impossible. She has only been on this earth for a couple of months. There is no way she could possibly have the require flight hours to get her pilot license.

Finally, someone convinced her to fly in the passenger area where she belongs and leave the flying to the professionals.


Tony said...

Looks like she had one heck of a trip, She even got her hand back

Pam Lambros said... is nothing less than a miracle. :-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome....Thanks Pam...but you were in the Tail Exhaust of a 737-800 lol, not a 747. I know it looks like a wheel well. If your sister knew I was telling you this,she would be sooooo mad. I cant help it,when we watch a movie and they show a airplane doing something crazy I tell her " that is so fake, that could'nt really happen" and she gets mad. Loved seeing the pictures on your blog, love ya Michael

Pam Lambros said...

Michael-Flat Pam thanks you for the adventure.

Love ya too Michael.