Sunday, November 2, 2008

Is it Daylight Savings of Not?

I can never figure out when it is called daylight savings. Can't we just say moving the clock forward or backward? Anyways that is another issue. I had been planning a trip to the beach today (I know...a shocker) and read in the tide chart that low tide was at 7:19am. So I got up at 5:30 so I could feed the dogs, drink some coffee and get to the beach by low tide. Well, I decided to check my email (thankfully) and saw that the computer clock said 4:30. I thought...why is the computer clock is suppose to be automatic. Finally, it dawned on me (would you be quick at that time of the day), the clocks were turned back. How come I didn't know?! I missed my extra hour of sleep...darn it!


Walter said...

Its not too hard to change all the clocks in the house, although there are always one or two that get overlooked (sprinkler timer, furnace timer and car clock) but the clock that is the most troublesome is in the dogs' heads. Their Dinner Time clock takes several days to change!!

Pam Lambros said...

you got that right Walter! :-)