Tuesday, August 12, 2008

70th Anniversary-The Commentary

The day of the flight (August 8th) came. I was nervous as hell thinking about getting on the plane from the moment I woke. I took the dogs out for a walk hoping to ease the nervousness (didn't help). Once back from the walk, I packed everything up and headed to drop the dogs at their sitters and then off to the airport. I arrived well ahead of schedule. I have not flown for years and really didn't know what to expect. Once I arrived, I noticed my flight was delayed by 1 1/2 hours. It was scheduled to take off at 1:10pm from SF and arrive in LA at 2:30pm. My flight from LA to Nashville was scheduled to leave at 3:25pm. You can probably see where I am going with this. Anyway, Southwest was great. They got me on an earlier flight and I made my connection with ten minutes to spare.

Once in Nashville, I waited for my sister Tiffany and her family to arrive. We picked up the rental car and headed to Alvaton, KY. Yee Ha! It was about an hour and a half drive (although my uncle would disagree but then again, he did race cars). The roads leading to Alvaton were very dark. We did fine until the last five miles. We couldn't find our turn off. It was strange really. There were no lights on the street signs and they were the size of a regular street sign. This would have been challenging enough on a regular two lane road in daylight but we were trying to read them on a divided highway going 50 mph in pitch black darkness. You can imagine how well that worked. After turning on to four or five roads to read the signs just to realize we were on the wrong road, we finally found our turn off. Whoo Hoo! We got to my aunt and uncle's house and they led us to the lake house. We got to bed about 2 am.
Saturday morning was busy. Although my Aunt had done a fantastic job of preparing for the party, some things couldn't be done until the day of. We had signs to hang, water balloons to fill, food to prepare. My grandparents were expected to arrive at 12:30. Mind you, they had no idea of what was going on. We finished everything and got into our hiding places ready to surprise them. When they arrived, they were completely shocked that we were all there. It took awhile for it to register with my grandmother what was actually happening. Once she did, she cried tears of joy. It was awesome! My cousin and his wife had special t-shirts made for them (see in the photoshow) and they wore them all day. We didn't have a party per se but more of a total weekend get together. We stay at the lakehouse all weekend and ate, played games, visited with everyone, and went out on the lake. Really a great time. I won't be surprised if we end up going to their 75th wedding anniversary.


Eileen said...

That sounded like a GREAT weekend. It is wonderful that you took the time to attend. It makes you really appreciate what you've got.

Pam Lambros said...

It was a great weekend. Really was happy to share this with my grandparents.

Sylvia Dorosh said...

70 years of marriage??? WOW - that is absolutely incredible! I'm sure not many couples around reach that major achievement. Glad you survived the voyage.