Saturday, August 23, 2008

Freight & Salvage-The Final Act

After the intermission, we listened to the headliner. His name was Steve Forbert. I had never heard of him but he has over 20 records out. He would be what I would consider a social protest folk songwriter/singer. He apparently has quite a dedicated following, not quite to the level of the Grateful Dead, but they are out there. His show has a lot of audience participation which includes singing a certain parts of his songs. None of our group knew any of his songs so we obviously didn't sing along. I am quite the people watcher and just let me say, there were quite a few interesting people to look at. There was a woman doing upper body interpretive dance, her butt never left her seat. There was a man down on the floor snapping pictures with his flash, basically blinding poor Steve Forbert. But the most interesting character was a woman who was there by herself. Throughout both singers' sets, she was bobbing her head, doing the snake with her arms, and snapping her fingers as though she had castanets on them. One may think she was not all there or if she was, her mind was in an altered state. Anyways, about three quarters of the way through the set, Steve began talking about his next show and that he would be appearing with Al Stewart (Year of the Cat). Well, this woman screamed "I love Al Stewart. He is my favorite". She got out of her seat, went straight up to the stage and began having a conversation with Steve Forbert as though they were the only two in the building. This went on for a good five minutes. It was funny and sort of sad at the same time. We all laughed partly because it was such a funny situation but also because of the uncomfortableness of the situation. That passed. The concert was over and we hung out with Wendy and Trina for about a half hour. It was finally time to say goodbye. The visit was too short but I was happy to see that Wendy seems to be truly happy with her job and her life.
The above pictures are of Wendy helping Steve Forbert with his adoring fans, Stepan and Suzy chattting with Trina, and then a group photo with all of us (except for Jeff and Doyle).

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