Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sara is Home

I brought Sara home around 11:30am. She is a little sore but is resting comfortably now that she is in her own environment. One thing that never leaves Sara is her appetite. Even after stomach surgery, she still enjoys her food. She is getting multiple little meals for the next 21 days. It is great to have her home. I missed and worried about her. Now we can all relax a bit.

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Walter said...

Glad to hear she is home and resting/recovering. We (and they I'm sure) feel better when they are home in familiar surroundings and with their playmates. Was she in an area where there were pine needles in the past? They may have been in her stomach for some time. I can see where they would not pass through her system and would not even get thrown up. Poor gal, probably suffering for who knows how long. I'm really glad that you found the problem and got it fixed for her. She will be romping through the fields again in no time.