Thursday, July 3, 2008

Black Diamond Regional Park

Black Diamond Regional Park is located in Antioch, CA. It is about 10 minutes from my home and is the main place I take the dogs for their runs during the week. We are fortunate to have so much park area in the congested bay area. There are approximately 36 miles of hiking trails in the Black Diamond Park alone. The most glorious part is that the dogs get to run free in the undeveloped areas. This is one of the main reasons I moved to Antioch. This area was made up of three mining towns; Sommersville, Stewartville, and Nortonville. It is common to find pieces of kitchenware throughout the walk. There is all kinds of wildlife in the area. It is not uncommon to have relatively close encounters with coyotes and I have seen wild pig, deer, and bobcats. I always enjoy being out in the park. It is hard to believe we are so close to civilization. The top picture is taken from the Ridge trail. The Peak is Mount Diablo. During the winter, it is not uncommon for there to be snow. It is about 15 miles from my house and is a popular destination for hikers. The second and third pictures are also taken from the Ridge trail but looking north to the delta. The last picture is of Grady and Dixy "wrestling" with each other during
the walk.

I have include the link to the east bay regional parks website. This is only one of the parks. You may be interested in seeing some of the others.

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Sylvia said...

Such beautiful landscapes!