Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Tales of the City

No I am not trying to rip off Arimistead Maupin. His stories take place in the 70s and 80s and mine, well, mine took place today. Besides that, he is a talented writer so there should be no mistaking the two of us.

After running into the Glad Bag Twins yesterday, I decided I was missing a lot of things that go on in the city. I thought to myself, I need to get out and walk around a bit since I spend so many hours there. Usually the only reason I leave the office is to grab lunch. Anyways with camera in hand I took baby steps in getting out. I took a walk up to Union Square and walk around there. I didn't see any unusual people out but I did take a couple of pictures that I thought were interesting. Staci-the Wall-E billboard is for you. :-) I actually do enjoy seeing the billboards when they are new and interesting. I liked the placement of these. And everything seems bigger than life. I took the picture of the Prada store display because I will never be able to afford shopping there. Based on the display on the mannequin though, I don't think (no...I know) I would ever wear something like that outfit. No matter how much "What Not to Wear" I watch. :-)


Sylvia said...

Great photos Pam! I think our cities would look so much nicer without billboards, altho perhaps not as interesting. Then our eyes would be drawn to the architecture instead of the advertising.

Pam Lambros said...

I think you are right about that Sylvia. The billboards are particularly unattractive when they are not kept up. I do not see any billboards from my office, just the buildings.