Friday, July 4, 2008

Dog Days-From Dixy's Point of View

Today is a holiday so my human mom has decided to take full advantage of it and relax for the day. Here is where I step in. I thought I would tell you about our day from my point of view. Even though it was a holiday and my human mom thought it would be nice to be able to sleep until 6, I just couldn't relax enough to let her. As much as she tried to convince me, I couldn't convince myself. Finally she got up at 5:30. I don't see what the problem is, she is usually up at 3:30 so from my way of thinking, she did sleep in. After a bit of grumbling on her part and a cup of coffee, she was back to her cheerful self. We were on the road by 6:30 heading to the beach. Boy were we all excited. The beach is like Disneyland to us. Hmmm, come to think of it, everywhere is like Disneyland to to us. We are dogs. Okay, must stay focus. When we arrived, it was so foggy we couldn't see 30 feet in front of us. The mist was so heavy, we were drenched from the onset. We didn't mind though, it is perfect running weather. I found a tennis ball right off the bat. I love tennis balls. I seem to be able to get someone to throw them to me non-stop. Some may even say I am obsessed. Anyway, my mom threw the ball a few times. Then she stopped, left the ball on the ground and told me to leave it. I was confused. Seemed like a perfectly good tennis ball to me. I guess she got tired of that one. Wanting to be the perfect dog, I did leave it. I chased Grady for awhile and then he chased me. Sara joined in too. She is particularly playful in this weather. We made it down to the beach and within 2 minutes, Sara and Grady found a lovely dead sea lion. They rolled in it and rolled in it. Apparently mom wasn't too thrilled about it because she was making the biggest commotion. Finally, they came back. I thought they smelled lovely but I don't think mom felt the same way. I found another tennis ball (I have a nose for them). My mom started to toss them in the water. Of course, I retrieved them all. Grady is just like a human baby brother, a pest. He followed me everywhere. Even in the water. Hmmm, come to think of it, I think my mom may have had an ulterior motive. She spent the next couple of hours trying to get Sara and Grady in the water. She didn't say so but I think she was trying to get that smell off them. We walked a long time and along the way, mom found a lot more sea glass to add to her collection. We were home by 11 and are in for the day. Mom won't be going anywhere tonight because she knows how much the fireworks bother Colvin. Fine by me, I love having her home.
Happy Fourth of July.


Sylvia Dorosh said...

Dixy - what a great tale of your 4th of July beach walk. Sounds like you & your canine family had lots of fun. Wish we could join you. No beaches close to us but we have lots of woods & long trails in the woods. The past 2 days, our hu-mom got us lost in the woods (no worries - just for short periods of time) but she retraced our steps & we found our way back to the card. She discovered that her cell phone doesn't work in these woods so she says she's going to bring a compass next time. Famous last words. We can use our noses but we're having too much fun to want to go back home so we pretend we don't know where we are.


Lots of licks, wiggles, bum checks from your cousins in Moffat, ON

Pam Lambros said...

We got lost in the Modoc National Forset once. Now I carry a handheld GPS. :-)

I love the word Hu-mom. Think I'll start to use it.

FYI-Dixy says to bring yourself and the cousins anytime. She would love to give you a tour of the beach.


mariswnt2paris said...

Haha! I believed the post. I caught myself thinking...hmmm Dixie is really insightful. Heehee. Sounds like a lot of fun.