Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Only in San Francisco...Well Maybe Not

I need to start bringing my camera to work. As I was heading to meet a friend for lunch, there were two guys wrapped tightly and completely in brown Glad trash bags carrying a big video camera. The only thing not covered was their eyes and mouth. The really funny thing was that no one seem to pay them any notice. It was like it was the most normal thing. I really get a kick out of that attitude.
As for lunch with my friend, we agreed (I thought) to meet at a particular corner and then decide where to go to lunch. Well I completely got the cross street wrong and waited 20 minutes before leaving. I had meant to get her cell number but didn't. I walked down the street on the off chance I might run into her. Well 3 blocks down I ran into another mutual acquaintance who I hadn't seen for seven months. She had my friends cell! How funny. She called my friend, I found out where she was and we had lunch (very short since I had a 12:30 meeting) anyway. Funny how those things occur. Made me smile.


mariswnt2paris said...

Good heaven's...any ideas why men wrapped tightly in plastic trash bags are wandering around your city? Maybe they're doing some crazy stunt video for u-tube. Everyone wants to be a star! Went for a 4.7 mile hike with the dogs this morning. They snoozed the rest of the day away! After a quick lesson from Charlie, I began carrying the GPS on the walks. I love it so much, if I weren't married to Charlie, I'd marry it! I was so happy I didn't get lost this morning, I actually hugged it - no lie. Ahhhh
By the way, I'm "lounging". Can you guess what I'm wearing! tee hee.

Staci Wittenauer said...

Sorry about scheduling the 12:30 meeting. You should have blown off wires and enjoyed your lunch company. Someone once told me that work isn't that important -- life is! Hmmm. Wonder who that was. We do not have men wrapped tightly in plastic bags in St. Louis. Sounds funny though -- I agree that you should take your camera.

Pam Lambros said...

Maris with a GPS in her car AND her hand. The balance of the world is changing. No more lost Maris. Crazy!! Then to top it off...the life of a college instructor...lounging in the summer. I am envious. :-)

Pam Lambros said...

Staci-No worries about the meeting. It was my own darn fault for messing up. Besides, I couldn't leave you to deal with Ray. :-) And if it's the last thing I do, I will make the world see it's life that is important. Work is just a means to enjoy it. Remember that my friend.