Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What To Talk About Today?

Imagine this, you are in the office at 5am and for the next 5 hours you are looking at test populations on spreadsheets and picking random test samples (here is where the sound of screeching brakes would be cued up if I could add sound effects). If this sound mind numbing to you. Imagine being me for that 5 hours. Anyways I do want everyone to keep checking in so instead you will hear about my walk in the city and pictures I took to keep myself sane. Taking a step back into insanity, the sculpture of the heads really reflect how I felt this morning when starting my walk. Okay, onward.

There is nothing like a walk in San Francisco to help clear my head. I walked for about an hour and as you can see, I tried to look at the images of the city from different vantage points. The picture with the flags are what I see as soon as I leave my building. The flags are HUGE. The photo showing the building looking up is actually the building I work in. I decided to take a walk towards the bay and ended up at Pier 1 (not the store but actual Pier 1) and took the photo of the Bay Bridge. As you can see it was pretty foggy at the time although a lot less than when I came into the city. The photo of the "design" was taken looking straight down on the sidewalk. I just thought it would be fun to see how it would come out. And of course, the last picture is the Trans America building. I always think it would be a great picture but it is so hard to capture adequately.
It's funny, I have lived in the Bay area for so long now but I haven't really played the tourist for quite a while now. After the walk today, it left me feeling that I wish I had visitors so I could justify playing the tour guide role and then be able to experience that part of SF again,


Staci Wittenauer said...

Beautiful pictures. I can relate to the faces!

Pam Lambros said...

It was really funny to be walking and then all of a sudden come up on those giant heads in the sand. Really did make me chuckle.