Thursday, September 11, 2008

Free To Run and Play

Well I finally got the staples out of my stomach and I am free to play! My mom thought it would be cute if she took pictures of me before I went to the backroom and when I came out of the backroom. Me, not so much. But she does love me, feed me, take me on vacations so her nerdiness is a small price to pay. All in all, I have a pretty good life. Okay, back to the tale of having the staples taken out. As you can tell from the photo, I am not too keen on this process. Even though they are really nice to me, nothing good usually comes for me here. I know, I know, ultimately they always make me feel better. That's not the point! Hmmm, what is the point? Nevermind. Once it is all said and done, I am always dragging the vet techs to get back to mom. It was no different today, as you can tell from the pictures.

Mom took the other pictures to show the other creatures that live here. There were the two fuzzy creatures. They are not in the least bit intimidated by me. That frightens me. Then there are the exotic fish that are beautiful. Mom can watch them for a long time. I can only watch them for so long. Then I get bored. What's the point. Sorry again, I need to stay focused. And finally, there is boa constrictor. Mom couldn't get a good picture so the sign tells the tale. Finally, the last picture shows me on my first run since the surgery. FREEDOM!
All kidding aside, I want to take a moment to remember all the folks lost in the 9/11 attacks. As someone who works in the financial industry, we knew a lot of the folks who perished that day. We also know folks who, for whatever reason, were not in the buildings when they normally would have been. Thankfully they made it. Let's hope that, we as a species can start to find better ways of dealing with each other, That is my hope,


Varazs Vizslas said...

Those staples looked wicked. Why didn't the vet use sutures? Anyway, glad you're free to run now Sara. (PS, you sure look like your mom, Abby.)
Love breed-mom & the Varazs Vizsla clan

Walter said...

Sara - I understand your feelings about the visits to the vets. I really dislike my visits because there is always prodding, poking and discomfort, and shots or pills as a result. The people are really nice though. It seems the other dogs there feel about the same as I do on this. We should stand up and unite!!

I'm looking forward to our next visit in the field, where I will check you and your incision out thoroughly.

Your friend,

Pam Lambros said...

Kalman-You are good to understand. I know you have been there. Glad you are through with that stuff too.

Breeder Mom-Hope my resemblence to mom Abby makes you happy. My mom thinks I am beautiful.

Tony said...

Does that mean that the Boa Constrictor is free to run & pla too???
Look out, look out, Boa Constrictors about!!!