Monday, September 1, 2008

One Reason Why We Live in Northern California

Today was just a spectacular weather day at the beach. It was about 75 degrees, no fog, and just the slightest of breeze. I took Dixy, Grady, and Jasper to Ft Funston at about 7:45am and then met up with the Kate, Walter, Susan, Eddie and the rest of the dogs at 9:00. The only downfall of the day was that Sara had to stay home and Colvin kept her company. Prior to meeting up with everyone, I took the dogs down to the beach and walked for a bit. It was so peaceful. Something about the rolling waves and the quiet makes for a really tranquil time. Of course there were the assortment of dead carcasses. Jasper found one particularly rotted and smelly one which he rolled in for a good five minutes. Boy did he stink. I figured I would get him in the water to get the smell off prior to returning him to Kate. I did a pretty good job of it really. He chased Dixy in the water quite a bit. Got most of the smell off and I was happy. That is until we walked back and he found it again. Well, unfortunately, Jasper was returned smelly. :-) It was really an enjoyable day.
UPDATE: I can see that Sara is definitely feeling better. She has a ways to go before she is able to romp around but the pain seems to be subsiding.


Walter said...

Thanks Pam for inviting me and our boys to come along. We had a GREAT time. Rusty also found the rotted carcass and was proud to smell just like Jasper. Both of my boys got a bath when we got home! It was great fun going down the bluffs but was WORK getting back up. The dogs slept the rest of the afternoon and will sleep well tonight, and smell good as well. Thanks again for the fun time.

Pam Lambros said...

We were glad you were able to join us. Glad you and the pups had fun. Hopefully Sue will be able to join us next time for the walk and a trip to Chipolte's.

Sylvia Dorosh said...

What gorgeous photos! Am really enjoying them. Thanks for sharing.

Susan & Q said...

Ahh....what a way to make me miss home! Lovely pictures....see you guys next week!

I'm Gabby said...

I'm glad to hear Sara is doing better! I remember the fear I went through when Bret bloated. Hope she recovers quickly! He was up and back on his feet within a week and ready to do agility (even tho his body wasn't ready!).


Laila said...

Beautiful pictures! I live on the East Coast with my mom and dad, so our beaches are not nearly as beautiful as yours.

Licks and wiggles,
Laila the Vizsla