Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trolls, Leprechauns, and Gnomes-Fun Facts

I don't think I have laughed as hard as I did today in a long time. I was speaking to a friend of mine and somehow the topic of Gnomes came up. She is very afraid of them and thinks they are creepy. I told her my mom collected them and I have a tattoo of one on my ankle (come to find out it is really a fairy). This led to a discussion about trolls (I think of the plastic dolls from the sixties, she thinks of the creatures from under a bridge) and how evil they are. Which further led to conversations of Leprechauns and their nastiness. Again, our images of them were completely different. She-Leprechaun the movie, me Lucky Charm Cereal. That led to her finding all kind crazy websites including one one Gnome that play really goofy music and another http://www.badmovies.org/ describing the Leprechaun movie.

Fun Gnome, Leprechaun & Troll Facts

Gnomes-There are several types. Woodland, Dune, Farm, House, Garden, & Siberian. The Garden gnome belongs to the general type. He lives in old gardens, even those hemmed in between the new houses of modern "model" cities. His nature is on the somber side, and he rather enjoys telling melancholy tales. If he begins to feel too closed in , he simply goes to the woods. But, as he is quite learned, he sometimes feels out of place there. The Siberian gnome has been the most affected by crossbreeding. He is centimeters larger than the European type and associates freely with trolls. In certain regions there is not a single gnome to be trusted. The Siberian gnome takes revenge for even the slightest offense by killing cattle, causing bad harvests, droughts, abnormally cold weather, and so forth. The less said about him, the better. There is even a Free the Gnome Society. Pretty funny really.
Leprechauns-One of a race of elves in Irish folklore who can reveal hidden treasure to those who catch them. But they don't like humans.

Trolls-don't see very well. They are as blind as a bat and can't see their own hand in front of them. Trolls hate the daylight (Unless you are Wendy's Troll Doll). If they are caught in the sun, they will turn to stone. The worst thing you could ever do to a troll is be happy. They hate happiness and things that make people happy. So be careful not to be too happy, you might make a troll mad. If you do, a troll will not take kindly to you.

Thanks for indulging my weirdness today.


Staci Wittenauer said...

Trolls have bad eyesight? I had no idea. Come to think of it though, maybe that is why they don't realize that they are living under a bridge in those horrible conditions. No paint, no wallpaper, no nice furniture, no flat screen television. Now it all makes sense - they can't see!

Pam Lambros said...

See..no reason to be afraid. They couldn't find you anyway.

Staci Wittenauer said...

Ok, so that takes care of the trolls. Can't convince me on the gnomes and leprechauns and clowns!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Don't forget the part where trolls log onto Internet message boards and leave messages trying to annoy other people!